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No other part of our body is subject to so much strain as our feet. They maintain our body's balance, absorb impacts and bear our entire body weight, so it's important to support the feet as well as possible. The secret of the special Birkenstock comfort is our unique fit, which means that it's essential your Birkenstock footwear fits you correctly.


This is why we offer our deep footbed in two different widths: a normal width for normal feet and a narrow width for especially slender feel. In order to create a perfect fit, the upper sections are aligned with the width of the respective deep footbed. Combined with adjustability provided by the straps, this creates a “tailored shoe” that fits your foot perfectly.

There should always be enough room in the feel and toe area. When your heel is correctly positioned in the footbed, there must be a few milimetres of space at the front. The feel need this free space for the natural movement of the foot when walking. Your toes need a certain amount of space to be able to move freely with each step you take. Your toes must under no circumstances tough the edge of the footbed and your heel must not stand on the footbed. If you make sure you have the correct width and length when buying you will increase the life of your sandals.